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Legends Magazine – 5 Magazines for the Price of 2

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Legends Magazine – 5 Magazines for the Price of 2

39.97 CHF / year

You receive the magazine in your language : French, German, Italian or English

Exceptional vehicles and characters, mythical races and events…

Legends Magazine plunges you into the highlights of mechanical history through fascinating articles illustrated by superb black and white photographs.

numeros Legends Magazine

By enthusiasts, for enthusiasts

Learn more about this world that fascinates you and rediscover the pleasure of reading on paper.

The articles and photographs, concocted and selected by our team of enthusiasts, will allow you to escape with nostalgia into the world of the legends of the automobile.

Enjoy a moment just for you and become one with your passion.

5 Magazines for the Price of 2

Aston Martin DB5, British F1 drivers, Joe Siffert, Ayrton Senna, Michèle Mouton…

Our magazine is the result of our assiduous research and our passion for the Automobile that we wish to transmit to you!

With a hundred pages published on a thick paper XL format, Legends Magazine has been designed to guarantee you a long reading time and an immersive experience in the world of the legends of the automobile.

Digital access to all issues (including back issues) is offered with every subscription.

Versions : French English or Italian – English or German English 

a different legend in each issue for you to add to your collection.

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Your questions

What are the offer terms?

Take advantage of our Christmas offer and receive 5 issues for the price of 2 in the first year of your subscription.

After that, subscribing to Legends Magazine allows you to enjoy 3 exclusive XL issues per year for the price of 2, or 39.97€/year.

The different issues are delivered to your home free of charge.

The subscription is without commitment, however the renewal is automatic by tacit agreement.

You can write us at any time via our contact form to stop your subscription.

What are the publication dates of the issues?

You will receive your 2 free issues within 2 to 3 weeks after your payment.

Then you will receive your next magazines in the order of publication indicated below according to the month you subscribe to:

Publication dates

  • March
  • July
  • November

You take the offer in December 2021, then you will receive your free March and July 2021 issues first.
Then you will receive the November 2021 issue, the March 2022 issue and the July 2022 issue.

How many pages are there per issue?

The magazine is published on XL paper with a size of 245 x 330 mm.

It has about 100 pages to guarantee you a long reading time and an immersive experience in the world of automotive legends.

How do I get back issues?

When you subscribe to Legends Magazine, all back issues are FREE in digital format.

We may also offer reprints at special rates to our subscribers so they can complete their collection in paper format.

Is the payment secure?

All payments are processed by our partner Stripe, the world leader in online payment solutions.

Your data is encrypted, so you can make your purchase safely on our website.